Today creating a backlink is not a tough task in SEO. There are tons of website available from where you can get a backlink. But given the latest updates on Google and how amazingly Google is improving their crawling one needs to make quality backlinks if he wants to rank his blog to top. Many are unaware that they can make quality backlinks from high quality websites for FREE and without any hassle. Before we move forward let me first explain what exactly is a backlink because many readers might be newbies and aren’t aware of this. A backlink in the most simple language is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to anohter web page. These search engines crawl links of a particular page of your site and also crawl links of the whole website. Now one must also be aware of types of backlinks.

There are mainly 2 types of backlinks.

  1. No follow backlinks

Well, no follow backlink is a backlink on some other web page that does not pass any link juice to your web page and does not help much in ranking.

  1. DoFollow Backlinks

These types of links pass juice to your web page and helps in ranking of your website.

What is the exact role of Backlink? Why shouldi make them?

Quality backlinks helps you in ranking of your blog for a particular keyword. It even helps to increase your DA(Domain authority) and PA(Page authority). Considering the current trend, you need to focus on DA & PA a lot. Backlinks also helps to increase in referral traffic because when you generate a backlink you get traffic from their web page to your web page. Hence it also helps in overall branding.

Now let’s start making quality backlinks.

1. Microsoft

YES! You can obtain a backlink from this high quality website like Microsoft. I don’t even need to say, the DA of Microsoft is full score of 100. It is one of the biggest authority website in the world. Steps to create a backlink from Microsoft.

  1. Go to microsoft community by clicking on this link –
  2. Now log in or make a new account on this answering community.
  3. In the links section enter the link of your website.
  4. DONE. As simple as that you have now created a backlink on this high quality website like Microsoft.

2.Google Plus

Google Plus is one of the biggest website which people ignore. Generating a backlink from Google is quite easy. Just log in to your Google Plus profile or make one if you haven’t by using your Gmail id. Now create a new page for your blog and verify the page with the details which Google will ask. While registering and verifying you will get an option to add your link to your Google Plus page, add your blog link and you will have a backlink from Google.


Storify is not very known to all but it is one of the highest authority site available to make a backlink. Steps to generate a backlink from Storify.

  1. Open storify home page and create an account by signing up.
  2. Now go to their profile section where you will get a form to fill in all your details.
  3. Fill all the required info and add your website link in website box and save the changes to profile.

After this you will have a high quality back link from Storify.


YouTube as you know if one of the biggest video sharing website. To generate a backlink from YouTube just log in to your YouTube channel or create one by using your Gmail id. Now navigate to Advance channel setting and then go to associated website. Here add your blog link and verify it by saving it. You will get a quality backlink from YouTube.


From Reddit, you can get no follow link. But if you have some link karma then your link will be replaced to do follow. DA of Reddit is 90, and you have to follow these steps.

Create a new account at Reddit.

Now go to any subreddit and post your link.

You have to increase your link karma to get dollow link from this site.

This link is no follow but this will help you rank faster.


Getting a backlnk from copyrighted is now very easy. There is also a plus point, we get a dofollow backlink.

  1. Visit home page and create a new account.
  2. Now go to “Copyright My Work” and add your blog link and save.


DEVIANARTS has DA 92 and PR 8 which his quite impressive. To get a backlink from this site, create a new account. Then share any images with your blog link. You will get links within seconds.

AllTop has PR6, DA 78 and PA 82. But you need a quality blog to get five do follow backlinks from

Visit {Double Click To Open}

Here create a new account.

Now again open

Here fill all details.


They will check every submission manually. So you have to wait for 48 hours to get a backlink which is worth waiting.


Newsvine as the name suggest, is a news sharing website but you can share anything here. In return you will get DA 91 dofollow backlinks for free .Simply join and share link.


Imfaceplate has a DA 35, PR 5 which might not look as attractive as the sites mentioned above but it is still definitely worth making one.

  1. Create a new account.
  2. Now verify you Email.
  3. Write a simple 200+ words and use your main blog link. Always write a new article which is copyright free.


CheaperSeeker is coupon site and has DA 36 which is quite decent. You have to create a new account. Then add your blog link in bio section. You will get a DA 36 dofollow backlink easily.


Visit BlogAdda and create an account

Open Account Section. And Find “Submit my Blog”.

Add your blog details

Now Submit.


Its an event sharing site. SplashThat DA is 63 and PR 5.

Create a new account.

Next Create a new event. { Fake Too}

Add you link here.

And you will get a backlink.

14.WordPress Forum

We all know wordpress very well. But few of us know about WordPress support forum. We can create a free backlink from WordPress.


Now create a new account.

You have to verify you mail.

After verifiy, Login to WordPress Forum.

Go to Profile section and add your blog link.

Save and enjoy the backlink.


Dropshots is a images sharing site. Its DA is 50. To get a free dofollow link follow these points.

Sign up for a new account.

Now Share a new image. Don’t forget to link your URL here.

Again go to comment section of that image.

Now comment your blog link and you will have a backlink.


Go to CodeCademy and create an account.

Go to profile and add your website link and you will get a backlink.


Go to homepage of Wikitechguru.

Submit your post link and save.

Here you don’t need to create new account.

It is a website where you can create a list of your favorite posts. Simply sign up and create a list .It has a DA 68.

Inbound is fantastic marketing community. Follow these steps to get a backlink from InBound.

Sign up for new inbound account.

Add your blog link in bio section.


Getting a link from onemission is very easy. You have to visit the site and choose category. Next Register for Editor Roll here.once you complete then all done you can add your backlink to easily. a one of the best social sharing and bookmarking site. To get a dofollow backlink from Scoop, Create a new account. Then share your blog link on Scoop. You will get high quality backlinks.

Backlink from imgur is nofollow. But this will help for sure.



Create new account.

Go to profile section.

Add your link and save.

So list of 23 dofollow backlinks is completed. But few of them are nofollow.

Take a look on more 15+ Free dofollow backlinks site lists.

All these sites are working, and I have used these sites. I know you have got a something big but don’t create all these backlinks overnight. But you should definitely target these blogs to get good quality backlink and rank your website on a higher rank. Google loves a website which has more backlinks because it thinks that the website is present on different pages and must be a good source to users.

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